Spanish Blackwork

Blackwork Hystory

Historically, blackwork was used on shirts and chemises or smocks in England from the time of Henry VIII. The common name "Spanish work" craft was based on the belief that Catherine of Aragon brought many blackwork garments with her from Spain, and portraits of the later 15th and early 16th centuries show black embroidery or other trim on Spanish chemises. Black embroidery was known in England before 1500. Geoffrey Chaucer in the Canterbury Tales describes the clothing of the miller's wife, Alison: "Of white, too, was the dainty smock she wore, embroidered at the collar all about with coal-black silk, alike within and out." Blackwork in silk on linen was the most common domestic embroidery technique for clothing (shirts, smocks, sleeves, ruffs, and caps) and for household items such as cushion covers throughout the reign of Elizabeth I, but it lost its popularity by the 17th century. ( ) Craft, Craft and more Craft coming soon.



Free Crochet Pattern Set 8

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These are designs that I like which have been collected &

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These designs have not been created by me.

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Set 146   KunstlerVorlagenFilet.
Set 147   LaCroix3Bedspreads.
Set 148   LaCroix8 .
Set 149   LaCroix09CrochetCorset.
Set 150   LaCroix13Towels.
Set 151   LaCroix14CrochetYokes.
Set 152   LambertCrochet.
Set 153   LauraWheeler532.
Set 154   LauraWheeler937.
Set 156   le Fillet Brod.
Set 157   lh32 Read a few pges.
Set 158   LoopsWintera.
Set 159   LuptonLadies2of3.
Set 161   MalloryCloverLuncheon.
Set 162   ManningNee1918-10-1.
Set 163   ManningNee1918-10-2.
Set 164   ManningNee1918-10-3.
Set 165   ManuelDessins.
Set 166   marvinbootees.
Set 168   MaximRicheli.
Set 169   MINERVA.
Set 170   ModernPriscillaDec1920-2.
Set 171   MoerkeHardan.
Set 172   MonroeLessonCrochet.
Set 173   MorrisPrCross2.
Set 174   MythicalTablecloth.
Set 175   NackeMiscCro.
Set 176   Needlecraft21IC.
Set 177   Needlecraft27IC.
Set 178   NeedlecraftDesign861.
Set 179   NeedlecraftDesign7356.
Set 180   NeedlecraftSep1919-1.
Set 181   NeedlecraftSep1919-2.
Set 182   needleworkbags.

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